OKUMA announces the completion of the next-generation smart factory - the new Kani DS3 plant
June 17, 2019 -

OKUMA Corporation (President and CEO Yoshimaro Hanaki) completed the construction and began operating the new Kani Dream Site 3 factory.


OKUMA, a leading company in CNC Machine Tools uses state-of-the-art intelligent machines, robots and FMS along with advanced IoT to accurately visualize production progress and operating conditions. The production of machine parts in DS3 is synchronized with the assembly processes, so that the parts are produced at the right time and in the necessary quantities.


The new Kani plant is built to become a production plant from raw material to final product, using vertical and horizontal machining centers and double column machining centers.


This is OKUMA's third smart factory investment in the company's headquarters country in Japan, with the first two factories, DS1 and DS2, which were built in 2013 and 2017 at the company's headquarters in Oguchi.


Intelligent CNC machine tools, robots and FMS, such as multitasking machines that have AI and built-in lasers, are used in advanced ways to achieve automation that allows 72-hour operations

without personnel.

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