Welcome 2021 after a “challenging” 2020

A challenging year… of much reflection, commitment, adaptation, focus, innovation, resilience, sacrifice, concentration and definitely of important achievements.

Humanity showed extraordinary strength while facing great challenges, in its way of living, coexisting, working, communicating, relating to each other, etc. We are proud of our Customers, Suppliers, Friends and our own Great Team, for remaining dedicated to overcoming the VERY serious challenges we faced in 2020 which are still present.

At HEMAQ we continue focused on our Vision 2025 – "Remain Leaders in Cutting Edge Technology Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing Committed to The Social and Ecological Environment".

Now that we finally close the "challenging 2020", we send you and all of yours our sincere wishes of Health, Wellbeing, Blessings, Joy, Work, Happiness, Strength and Energy full of dreams and great plans for today and forever.

We hope to continue being granted with your valuable Trust and Friendship. We will continue offering our Efficient, Productive, Competitive and Safe Workplace Solutions, that current times demand from all organizations.

We wish all a Happy and Productive 2021!

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