Okuma's MCR-S (Super) Double-Column Machining Center [5-Face Machining] received a Machine Design Award (IDEA) sponsored by The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (The Daily Industrial News). Two of our products won a prize at the same time; the other being our MB-80V Vertical Machining Center.

The MCR-S was developed by thoroughly addressing the issues in die/mold machining such as cycle time, accuracy, area step error and machined surface quality. There are three main design concepts:

Super-accuracy-oriented designing

Equipped with Okuma's Thermo Friendly Concept, a thermal deformation control technology that maintains high accuracy and stability through the entire workspace area.

A newly developed 3D Calibration* system, a volumetric accuracy calibration technology that provides super-accurate comparisons with actual machine spatial accuracies.

Achieves highly reliable levels of on-machine gauging* comparable to a coordinate measuring machine by fusing the technologies of volumetric accuracy calibration and Okuma thermal deformation control.

Human-assisted machine design

New Accuracy Stability Diagnosis Function* allows the machine to self-diagnose machine accuracy stability and provide easy-to-understand numericals and visuals.

Equipped with Hyper-Surface*, a high-quality NC control technology for machined surfaces that greatly reduces die/mold polishing work.

Innovatively designed for die/mold production

Optimal machine designs provide shorter total lead times, lower costs, higher speed and accuracy, as well as higher quality machining.

With the laser unit mounted specification*The total lead time is dramatically shortened by the world's only super process-intensive machining that can cut, measure, heat treat, and repair parts with one machine.

* Optional: The MCR-S is a super-high accuracy, process-intensive, double-column machining center that revolutionizes the production of press dies.